Ongoing delivery of our programs is dependent on the support of our dedicated team of volunteers.As our programs grow and develop, we need high quality volunteers to help deliver them.

A key ingredient to our unique and successful education model is one-on-one or small group volunteer tutoring for our students for 2 hours each day.Many people, from all ages and walks of life feel they want to give back to the community.
They volunteer because they have time or skills they want to share.  Some volunteers come to River Nile as part of a specific program for a few weeks only. Others come weekly or fortnightly. Many have been with us for a number of years, and new volunteers begin all the time. 

Our volunteers are not just ‘free labour’ but the soul of our free community.There are many people who contribute to River Nile and don’t tutor. They mentor, open their gardens to raise funds, make cakes, give material donations, write grants and do essential administration work. These are the unseen people behind our survival and success.

To find out more or Register an Expression of Interest in Volunteering

Telephone or email the Learning Centre to make a time for conversation and an interview.

Telephone: (03) 9329 8425 or Email: info@rnlc.org.au

To progress a Volunteer Expression of Interest, the following will need to be provided by the applicant:

· Medicare card

· Legal photo identity document e.g. Passport, Drivers Licence or Driving Learners Permit

· Working with Children Check card or VIT (Victorian Institute of Teaching) registration card.

If you don’t have a Working with Children Check, they are free for volunteers and you can apply for one here


The River Nile Learning Centre is very conscious of how effective partnerships can improve the quality of the Program it delivers.

Collaborative Partners
In delivering our services we collaborate with a wide variety of organisations, such as:

  • Red Cross, City of Melbourne, Spectrum, Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, Life without Barriers, New Hope Foundation, Anglicare, MYF, Foundation House, AMES and Church groups, which refer young women in need to us;
  • Service Stars, which is run by Jane Farrell and assists Refugees and Asylum Seekers to find appropriate, respectful and fairly paid employment;
  • Inner Melbourne Legal Centre, which assists the students with their individual issues with immigration, debt, infringement, family violence, homelessness and guardianship;
  • Foundation House, which advises our staff and volunteers on how to assist refugees and asylum seekers who have suffered torture or war related trauma; and
  • FoodBank, which provides food, which we distribute to our students.

    Philanthropic sponsors

    We thank all our supporters and especially acknowledge the following:

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    RNLC is an ACNC registered Charitable organisation, endorsed by the ATO for charity tax concessions and as a Deductible Gift Recipients (DGR